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How to Build a Cyclorama (Video)

A cyclorama is used in film and photography to create the illusion of endless space. A cylorama can go by many names: A seamless wall, a cyc wall, infinite wall. Syrp, a motion-control slider manufacturer, created this awesome video describing the steps they took to build a cyclorama in their own studio space. It’s a quick and entertaining primer on how to build your own cyclorama stage.

Every cyclorama has its own specifications. Here are a few specs to note when you describe or refer to a cyc wall.

Number of walls

How many walls make up the cyclorama? There can be a single wall, 2-walls, 3 walls. Each wall must seamlessly curve into the floor to qualify as part of the cyc, and the corners must be seamless as well.

Wall height

How tall are the walls on the cyclorama? This can determine how much vertical space there is to work with, and ultimately determine the camera distance and focal lengths that are able to be used in a photo or film shoot.

Ceiling height

The distance to the ceiling above the cyclorama can be important because it will determine how much space is available for hanging or mounting lights above the stage area.


Some rental studios offer a pre-lit cyclorama. That means that there are already lights mounted and available for use to light the background or talent. Some studios might even feature RGB pre-lighting that enables the light colors to be adjusted and fine-tuned to create a look without the need for gels.

Building a cyc is not an easy task, but a well-constructed cyclorama set is a must-have element of a professional photo or video studio.