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SXSW Creative Industries Expo Opens to the Public on Austin Industry Day

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, The first Austin Industry Day will offer an opportunity for Austin industry professionals to visit SXSW Creative Industries Expo without a badge. During Austin Industry Day on March 15, 2023, no credential or SXSW badge is required for entry to the Expo.

The Creative Industries Expo is the convergence of organizations and people leading the way in technology, design, social good, health, wellness, and more. SXSW curates brands, services and products from around the world to meet, collaborate, and share groundbreaking discoveries.

Be sure to visit the official SXSW website for the latest schedule before you do any planning to visit the Creative Industries Expo. Some information may change.

Here are some of the areas to know throughout the Creative Industries Expo


The Innovation pavilion is a collection of disruptors and thought leaders at the forefront of their industry. Focusing on the diverse and dynamic trends defining tomorrow’s technologies, creative pursuits, and more, these exhibitors are paving the way for the future.

Global Pavillion

The Global Pavilion explores the full spectrum of worldwide initiatives, trends, creators, and tastemakers. Attendees explore ideas from across the globe in a hands-on environment and walk away with heightened insight into where international industries are headed.

Social Impact Pavillion

The Social Impact Pavilion concentrates on businesses that have implemented or built initiatives to secure a more positive impact socially, economically, and environmentally. These companies are providing long-lasting solutions that improve lives and the world around us.

Entertainment Pavillion

The Entertainment Pavilion showcases exhibitors on the cutting-edge of industries like film, music, gaming and more. From designers and developers to artists and coders, these trailblazers continue to capture the attention of the masses.

Health + Wellness Pavillion

The Health & Wellness Pavilion features companies looking to improve a person’s quality of life through various products, services, and ideas. Brought together by a common goal these exhibitors should be on a mission to make the world healthier, happier, and more balanced.

Next Stage

The Next Stage brings engaging discussions with a focus on ideas that are shaping their industries.

Meet Up Pavilion

Network and explore topics with like-minded people from around the world.

The Hub

Lounge, charge your phone, and catch up on emails while watching simulcasts of Featured and Keynote speakers.

Podcast Lounge

The Podcast Lounge is home to podcasts from varying including social good, gaming, music, film, technology, and more.

Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations is an intimate space for attendees to participate in health and wellness based activities, workshops, and discussions led by industry experts.

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