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New Mexico Film Studios: Soundstages and Backlots Coming to Albuquerque

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for New Mexico Film Studios (NMFS) in Albuquerque’s South Valley. NMFS will be the first independent film studio offering soundstages, backlots and production facilities in a single location. 

The press conference was emceed by filmmaker, Producer, and actress, Tsailii Rogers who shared her point of view as part of the New Mexico film community, “With this historic groundbreaking event and investment in the community, New Mexico Film Studios is filling a demand for independent soundstages, backlots, and production facilities that producers like myself can use which will bring more production projects and plenty more jobs to New Mexico.”

New Mexico Film Studios co-founder, Kurt Young, thanked the community at large and said that “David Martinez, David Montoya, and [Dominic Gabello], all of us came together with the idea to push film in a new direction take whatever we can to make it better a and we’re involved in a number of projects throughout the city,”

David Montoya, NMFS CEO, shared “This is one of those rare opportunities where we as New Mexicans are building something that’s world-class with over a hundred million dollars invested in this Studio Complex we’ll be able to be cutting edge, first-class and truly New Mexican.”

Bernalillo County commissioner, Debbie O’Malley, spoke about “Film and TV production in New Mexico was at its highest level in 2021, bringing in more than 620 Million in direct spending across 74 projects employing thousands of New Mexicans; all with the support of the Governor and the legislature in those incentives.”

Senator Michael Padilla spoke about the importance of this backlot in his district and state: “We are going to become, the worldwide international super sensation when it comes to film, and it’s because of projects like this.”

Senator Padilla is also working on a number of projects with Representative Lujan such as the Next Generation Media Academy (NGMA) that is going to fuel this industry and diversify the New Mexico economy.

City Councilor Pat Davis said “It’s about time New Mexico stood in for itself and told its own stories. Our own way in our own place and share the majesty of what we are to tell people how amazing we are and our stories and the cultural connection and the cultural piece that makes us all special.”

David Martinez, NMFS COO, concluded the press conference by sharing “it’s exciting to have a great future ahead, we’re bringing great jobs to New Mexico, we’re doing wonderful things, it’s all about the people, we’re here on the soil today and there’s nothing more exciting than that.”

After the press conference, key members of the community along with the four co-founders of the New Mexico Film Studios took the ceremonial shovels and together broke ground with the crowd cheering this symbolic gesture. Guests were also treated to coffee and scones from local favorite, Stan’s Coffee and Scones.

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