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Plum Hill Creative Studio Opens in Cleveland

Plum Hill Studio

A flexible space allowing creative folk and entrepreneurs to take a meeting, shoot photography or record a TikTok video has opened in Lakewood near Cleveland, OH.

Plum Hill Creative Studio is the vision of attorney-turned-digital-marketing-agency-owner Ashley Rector, who saw a market need from her clients, as well as the public, for a collective space.

“Our clients’ video content is now prominent on social media, as well as authentic photography and everything you see on social,” said Rocky River resident Rector, who three years ago started digital agency Laura Alexandria Marketing (LAM), specializing in a variety of branding and digital marketing services.

“So we were renting studio spaces in the area to shoot that content or we were shooting it at our house or a bunch of different locations. We thought it makes sense to create a space where we could meet but also create content. With that idea, Plum was born,” Rector said.

The Plum Hill Creative Studio grand opening event is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday (June 30) at the Madison Avenue space. This includes a 3 p.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony.