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Studio Guide on Instagram

Studio.Guide is now on Instagram and we are having a fun time following all of the studios we can find. Some of the spaces we are finding are truly mind-blowing.

Not only are we following photography and video studios that offer rentals, we are also following sound stages, set designers, equipment manufacturers and rental houses. Occasionally, we’ll stumble upon an Instagram profile that posts a lot of behind-the-scenes photos. It used to be easy to find behind-the-scenes photos, all you had to do was follow the #bts hashtag. But that has now changed. If you follow that hashtag now, you get flooded with photos of the K-pop band known as “BTS”. So #RIP #BTS…Unless you are into Korean boy bands. And if that is the case, you are in luck.

A screenshot of our Insta profile!

Some of the most interesting studios we have found include pre-set stages. These are mainly located in LA and NYC. These are generic rooms staged to look like a room commonly used in TV, film and music videos. The set will be dressed like a police station office, a jail cell, a school classroom or hallway, a hospital room, an interrogation room, or space ship control room.

When a studio grabs our eye, we’ll usually share it with our followers. One surprising revelation is that it is a lot easier to find working studios (that haven’t closed shop) on Instagram vs Google. Many of the studios you can find via Google seem to be outdated or defunct. More often than not, you have to do a little digging before you find a gem of a location to shoot in.

That’s about all we have to share for now. If you want to stay on top of the creative spaces available for rent and see some cool photos, you should definitely follow us on Instagram!