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A complete state-of-the-art 2500 sq. ft. photo and multimedia studio

We provide a platform for your creativity and artistic expression. This platform is a clean, safe environment with countless shooting opportunities, state-of-the-art equipment and enough props to accent your efforts. From our mobile backgrounds to our massive cyc wall to our lighting options, every single aspect of the studio has been carefully planned and executed to meet your needs. We want models to have a clean, safe environment to work their magic. We want make-up artists to have the tools that allow them to perform their craft. We want photographers to feel at home in our studio and produce amazing shots.

We breaking the rules of how studios are run. If you see a prop somewhere in the studio and want to use it in your shoot, as long as it’s not glued to the wall, you can use it. Our studio is a hosted experience, so our studio manager will be on site to help with all your needs. They can assist with understanding our lighting and other studio tools. Props, our help and smiles are all included in the price of rental.

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