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Located in Manhattan's fastest-growing neighborhood, Hudson Yards, the studio is set up to do whatever you need.

Hudson Yards Loft is a fully equipped, Film/Photo Studio with 3, 2200 Sq. Ft. beautiful Loft/Studios located in the heart of the Hudson Yards Loft Neighborhood. In addition to that, the fully finished Rooftop has an unmatched view of the Manhattan skyline that is not available anywhere else in NYC.

Unlike many other studios, we include a basic set of grip and gear in the rental.  For an additional fee, you'll have access to a huge array of lights, modifiers, and grip. The goal is for you to just bring your camera, focus on your creative, and not have to deal with lugging hundreds of pounds of gear around.  There is also a 10' x 20' Freight Elevator for all of your crew and clients to use.  As some have said, it's the size of a small manhattan apartment. :)

The studio is located in Manhattan's chic new Hudson Yards Neighborhood and is equally close to the 34th/10th St 7 train and the 34th/8th St C & E Subway Lines.  The 7 runs right through all other subway lines that connect Manhattan.  There is a parking lot right at the corner of 10th and 36th St, a stone's throw from the building.

With decades of combined experience, the staff at HUDSON YARDS LOFT is dedicated to providing a premium space and equipment to ensure an environment capable of capturing your creative ideas and concepts.

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  • 447 West 36th Street, New York City, New York 10018, United States

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