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LightSpace Studios are located in Los Angeles and New York. An expansive production facility that provides a full-service one-stop content creation venue for photo, film, voice recording, stage rental, and event space venue. The studios are an ideal location for any commercial brand or advertising agencys’ creative ad productions. We understand the need get your creative done in budget while comfortably hosting talent and clients.

LightSpace Studios are drive-in and high-ceiling studios with grip-friendly grids, ample power, and up to 7 stage options including various cyclorama sound stages and brick backgrounds. The studios also provide comfortable client support suites to accommodate talent brands and agencies. The large, pillar-less, unobstructed stages in our facilities provide a versatile environment for clients’ workflow and creativity.

In addition to renting the stages and technical gear, LightSpace can also produce, live streaming services in Los Angeles, and motion and still photo shoots. LightSpace Studios is now home to the most technologically advanced motion capture rig for virtual sets and green screen story creation.

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  • 1242 West 134th Street, Gardena, California 90247, United States