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The Space

  • 5-ton capacity welded grid that raises & lowers
  • Acoustically-treated walls
  • Dedicated kitchen/craft services area
  • 10×10 double doors for easy load-in
  • Upstairs make-up & green room
  • Six Kino Flo 4×4 banks for cyc lighting
  • Additional lights, grip equipment & expendables
  • 16,000 sq. ft gated parking lot

Video Production

Our 24x24ft cyclorama production studio is tucked away in East Austin, walking distance to lots of great food. Our studio has everything you need for your video production needs. The studio is fully soundproofed, comes with extra equipment in case you need last minute essentials like c stands or clamps, and a custom built raising/lowering lighting grid for convenient and efficient rigging. We’ve also got a 16,000 sq ft gated lot for your cast and crew to park comfortably.

Photo Shoots

The studio doubles for product, lifestyle and creative photography perfectly. With plenty of room to set up and play, we can also hang a paper seamless from the motorized grid for convenient set up and break down. The upstairs hair and makeup room is a great home base for your talent and wardrobe to prepare comfortably. Our gigabit internet makes transferring data on site much quicker so you can get back to your shoot with little wait time.


Originator makes a unique space for live entertainment and intimate events. We’ve hosted rappers and djs, pop up music and comedy shows, official SXSW launch parties, afterparties and stunning private parties. The outdoor lot provides lots of space to set up stations for guests and entertainment, and the indoor studio and green room transform into private VIP areas.

Click here to get more info and see pictures of past events at Originator!

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