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A custom-designed, comfortable, clean, and spacious 2500 sq ft photography rental studio (1900 shooting) in downtown Denver, with fully equipped kitchen, makeup stand, bathroom/changing room, client lounge, meeting area, and back deck.

Cyc wall

We endeavor to keep our cyc wall clean, and in good condition, but it is provided on an “as is” basis. If you want a pristine cyc wall, it can be painted prior to your shoot for a materials/labor fee. We reserve the right to charge either a cleaning fee, repainting fee or repair fee after your shoot if there are significant stains, wear and tear, or gouges/dents on the cyc wall as a result of your shoot.

Power charges

For large film/video shoot rentals where continuous lights are in use, or training events with many computers and peripherals, there may be a power charge.

Event rental

photospace is available to rent as an event venue for your own workshops/meetings, defined as 7:00am-midnight. There may be charges such as power, painting, cleaning fees, etc. depending on event type. Please call or email for quote.

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  • 209 Kalamath Street Unit 1, Denver, Colorado 80223, United States