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Located in Longmont, CO, Sugarhill is Northern Colorado’s most accessible photography studio. This space offers a large blank canvas for you to create to your heart's desire. Tall ceilings, gorgeous light, and plenty of space for you to bring your dreams to life. We offer hourly and daily rates. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We are located in Boulder County between Fort Collins and Denver. With high ceilings, an open floor plan, plenty of space and gorgeous light you can make all your creative dreams come true. Hourly, 1/2 day and full rates available.

About the Owners

Owners Sarah & Tanner Hill live on the property with their two boys and are now welcoming others to experience the beauty they see every day. Sugarhill is located on their 10 acres with gorgeous views of the mountains. They have worked very hard in making this dream (well, Sarah’s dream!) a reality and hope that you will enjoy it as much as they (she!) does.

Sarah is a photographer herself who wanted to create this space to help the local photographers in the area. Not only does she use it for her personal business but she gets even more joy when other creatives are enjoying the studio as well. Sarah loves her small community of amazing people and cannot wait to connect with even more!

While you’re here you may even get a sighting of their goats and horses while your shooting. Just say “hay” to them!

About the Name
Longmont is famous for it’s old Sugar Mill that was incorporated in 1905 and for about 60 years was the main producer of beet sugar for Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Business back then was so good that in 1907 the factory employed over 600 people! Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and it was abandoned in 1977. Anyway, you can see the abandoned factory from the property where the studio is located. A little word play on the Sugar Mill and the owners last name and voila. Sugarhill was born! And there’s a little history lesson for ya!

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