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The TX Studio is located in Dallas, Texas. Rentable by hour or by day, we have two distinct studios to help you create unique images and utilize natural light. Each studio is available to book separately.

Studio 1

Just over 900 sq. ft. of space to create in. Our two large, south facing windows allow for even, soft light and blank space on the east and west walls allow you to manipulate the light in multiple ways. You can expect soft light whatever time of day you book. During the afternoon and early evening, golden light floods through our two western facing windows offering fun direct light to play with.

Strong light during the winter and spring months can be controlled with our window screen or manipulated as direct light. Special equipment in Studio I includes: Oliphant Backdrop (for an additional $99), 8X8 rolling backdrop, a changing screen, and steamer.

Studio 2

Equipped with two entrances (one exterior and one interior) and a load-in dock, Studio II makes it easy to transport what you need for both large and small projects. Our large, eastern-facing window offers the brightest light in the morning hours with more subdued, moody light in the afternoons. Direct light pours through the eastern window during the winter months. A separate, seating area is great for clients.

Our glass door separates you from Studio I and a custom curtain offers you privacy. Special equipment in Studio II includes: tabletop surfaces + sawhorses for shooting products, a changing screen and a steamer.

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