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Vision Light Studio is based in Houston Texas, our 1300 sq ft studio is an amazing space for photography. Designed with the creative in mind, complete with all the components needed to bring your project to life. Every studio rental comes with 3 Paul C. Buff strobes, various lighting modifiers, an assortment of colored paper backdrops, and more.

Cyc Wall

The Cyclorama (Cyc) Wall, is an integral part of any photography studio. Our 13 X 14 Cyc Wall is great for those who need that infinity look for your photo and video shoot.

Hair and Makeup Station

Our hair and makeup station was built with the idea that the artist's space needs to have the necessary components and space in order to create.

Lighting and grip equipment

From our Paul C Buff Strobes, tether screen, paper backdrops, to our many heavy-duty C-stands, we are confident that all the things you need will be at Vision Light Studio.

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