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Archetype Studio - Your Full-Service Film Production Studio in Austin, TX

Archetype Studio is a premier film production studio and photography space in Austin, Texas, offering top-notch facilities and in-house design and fabrication services. With a range of versatile features and state-of-the-art equipment, it caters to the needs of filmmakers, photographers, and creatives in various industries.

Impressive Cyclorama Wall

The studio boasts an 18ft deep, 26ft wide, and 12ft tall white cyclorama wall, complete with a curved vertical corner. This setup is designed for effortless shooting, as the entire volume can be adapted to different scenarios at the flip of a switch. Convenient app-controlled settings enable fine-tuning of correlated color temperatures (CCT), ensuring a seamless match with any lighting conditions.

Ideal for Vehicle Shoots

Archetype Studio caters to controlled interior vehicle shoots with its 10ft x 10ft garage door access and 4 car dollies available on-site. This feature makes it easy to place vehicles onto the white cyc wall, offering a pristine backdrop for showcasing automobiles and other large objects.

Stylish Office Space with Natural Lighting

For productions that require additional space or a separate area for interviews or meetings, the studio provides a stylish and intimate office space. This space receives ample natural light, making it an excellent choice for maintaining clean audio during interviews or discussions. A bar-height conference table and stools comfortably accommodate up to 6 people, making it an ideal spot for team meetings and video conferences.

Fabrication Shop for Set Construction

For projects that demand additional space for construction, the studio offers a 616 sq. ft. Fabrication Shop equipped with over 40 ft of usable benchtop space. Designed specifically for Art Dept set construction purposes, this space is perfect for assembling, cutting, gluing, painting, and preparing larger grip and electric gear, or staging oversized set pieces.

Enhanced Viewing and Entertainment Experience

Archetype Studio is equipped with a pair of rolling 50” LED smart TVs, complete with 15ft HDMI and power cable runs. These TVs are included in the studio shooting package and can be patched into various configurations based on the production's needs. Perfectly suited for Video Village setups, they also provide easy access to streaming apps to keep guests entertained and engaged.

Green Room and Video Village Space

The studio's shared space includes a cozy and relaxing lounge area, serving as an ideal Green Room for talent, clients, and agency guests. Additionally, there's a Video Village space equipped with 16 ft. of conference tables and 10 padded chairs. This area can be combined with the Green Room to create a spacious production meeting space, accommodating up to 18-20 people with laptops and devices.

Fully-Equipped Hair and Makeup Stations

Efficiency is key to any successful shoot, and Archetype Studio offers fully-lit hair and makeup stations that can be easily arranged to suit the crew's preferences, enabling a quick and professional preparation process for talent.

Versatile LED Lighting Options

The studio provides 5x all-color LED light panels that are pre-rigged to optimize coverage on the contoured cyclorama wall. These app-controlled and programmable lighting fixtures allow for a wide range of custom color backdrop options, providing versatility to your creative vision.

Green Screen and Blue Screen Capabilities

In addition to its white cyc wall, Archetype Studio offers the option to quickly convert the space into a green screen or blue screen lighting setup. This setup, when combined with additional subject lighting from the front, minimizes color spill and provides an excellent backdrop for chroma keying.

Whether you need a full-service film production studio or a well-equipped photography space, Archetype Studio in Austin, Texas, has all the features and amenities to meet your creative needs. With its impressive cyclorama wall, fabrication shop, video village, and flexible lighting options, the studio sets the stage for successful and dynamic productions of all kinds.

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