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Co-Production House (CPH) is proud to bring LED VOLUME technology (like Disney’s Mandalorian) to Central Texas with Austin's first virtual production studio and VOLUME stage. Our VOLUME stage includes a 50’x12’ LED wall that immerses talent in a virtual environment, placing them in locations that could otherwise be difficult or expensive to produce. With the VOLUME you can produce content all over the world, and produce more in a single day. ​

Produce content virtually anywhere in the world with our LED VOLUME, or use our LED to project any color, image, or video background.

  • ​2,500 sq. ft. stage
  • 50’x12’ LED wall (use as virtual environment, solid backdrop, or set extension)
  • 12ft x 14ft loading dock door
  • Green room
  • Kitchenette
  • 200 amps of 3-phase electricity
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  • 7601 South Congress Avenue Suite 130-140, Austin, Texas 78704, United States