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Studio A Features our Cyclorama with over 700 sq/ft of shooting area. Plenty of room for set pieces, complex lighting setups, large groups and cars. The studio itself is over 1,100 sq/ft and has an attached makeup room, sitting area/client space, kitchen and office space. In addition, we have installed a Manfrotto seamless rack in the studio to support dual setups within the same stage.

Studio B is designed with flexibility in mind. With plenty of room for set pieces, multiple seamless racks, moveable walls, dedicated makeup room, kitchen, client work area and a staging area for talent and props, Studio B gives you the space and freedom to work how you want to work. In addition we have installed extensive sound abatement making it a perfect location for your smaller scale video shoots.

Contact us today and we can build a custom quote tailored to your needs and budget, with or without grip and lighting gear. We strive to make sure you get the best shooting experience possible.

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  • 321 East Ben White Boulevard 107A, Austin, Texas 78745, United States of America

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