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Welcome to our studio, an 8000 sq ft production studio designed to meet all your creative needs. Our versatile space spans across two floors and offers a variety of features and amenities to enhance your production experience.

Green Screen & Virtual Environment Studio

On the first floor, you'll find our state-of-the-art Green Screen and Virtual Environment Studio, equipped with cutting-edge technology to bring your virtual productions to life. Capture stunning visuals against our customizable green screen backdrop or transport your talent to any virtual setting. This studio is perfect for green screen work, virtual reality projects, and more.

Talk Show Hot set

Adjacent to the Green Screen Studio, we have a Talk Show Hot set, designed to provide a professional and engaging environment for interviews and talk show productions. The set is fully equipped with all the necessary furniture and lighting to create a captivating on-camera atmosphere.


For podcasters and voice-over artists, we offer a dedicated Podcast Room, acoustically treated to ensure optimal sound quality. Whether you're recording a podcast, voice-over work, or audio interviews, this room provides the perfect space for clear and professional audio recordings.

Virtual Booth

Need a private space for virtual meetings or interviews? Our Virtual Booth offers a quiet and professional environment with all the necessary equipment, including video conferencing capabilities, to facilitate seamless virtual communication.

Networking Event Space

If you're planning networking events, workshops, or small-scale productions, our Networking Event Space is an ideal choice. With a flexible layout, it can accommodate various setups and is equipped with audiovisual equipment to meet your event requirements.


Our Photography Studio provides ample space and professional lighting equipment for capturing high-quality images. Whether it's product photography, fashion shoots, or portrait sessions, this studio offers a versatile environment to unleash your creativity.


To cater to your administrative needs, we offer three private offices, equipped with workstations and comfortable seating, providing a quiet and productive space for meetings, client consultations, or administrative tasks.


Need a designated area for editing or post-production work? Our Editing Room is equipped with the latest software and equipment to support your editing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. (for prices on editing services go to KVIBE.COM)

Creative Space

For brainstorming sessions or creative work, we have a dedicated Creative Space, designed to inspire innovation and collaboration. Whether you're a filmmaker, designer, or writer, this area offers a comfortable and stimulating environment to nurture your creative ideas.

Kitchen area

Our fully equipped kitchen allows for catering and food preparation on-site, offering convenience during long shoots or events. Additionally, we provide three bathrooms to accommodate the needs of your team and guests.


Lastly, we offer garage space for loading or equipment storage, providing a secure area to store your gear and keep it easily accessible. (This is available only on special request for productions)

At Kvibe Studios, we strive to provide a comprehensive production experience, offering a range of spaces and amenities to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to book

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  • 186 Griffith Street, Jersey City, New Jersey 07307, United States

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