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Kirby Studios is a multi-stage photography studio and production facility located near Long Beach, CA.

Our premier, state-of-the-art photography studio and production facility features multiple stages and is located in the Los Angeles area, just minutes from the 405 freeway and Long Beach Airport.

​Kirby Studios includes a large multi-wall cyc, a large 3-wall cyc, and a two-space stage with both a 1-wall cyc and 2-wall corner cyc. Our studio is “in the Zone”, offering photo stages with secure entrances and well-established procedures for those high-security shoots.

Our production campus turns out a wide variety of high-level projects including single and multi-car automotive, celebrity and entertainment, products of all kinds, people, fashion, and tabletop shoots. Our stages are set up for commercials, videos, still shoots, and long-term film or TV sets. We also offer the versatility of customizable space for events.

​We focus on offering the best customer service and creative environment for directors of photography, crew, and clients. Our goal is to provide the opportunities and expertise commercial film professionals require for successful productions. Kirby Studios' practical amenities provide so many choices, including stage production offices, stage kitchens, makeup rooms, wardrobe-styling spaces, and driveable load-in doors.


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  • 2701 Signal Parkway, Signal Hill, California 90755, United States

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